Ayurveda Balance massage


Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word.

Ayur means life,

Veda means knowledge, science or the art of living.


Massages focused on an oriental approach;

people and energy.



According to Ayurveda,

a human being consists of 3 main constitutions,
the 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kapha

Movement, Metabolism & Structure


If these are in balance, man has reached his strongest point


Which type are you?

And do you stand in your own strength?

Massage aimed at tempering dominance,

the pursuit of balance.



Get to know and experience massage through Indian Ayurveda

A flowing massage,

massage oil with healing herbs,

supportive meditative music,

and an extensive Indian head massage with acupressure



60 minutes for 47.50

90 minutes for 70.00


Before the start of the massage, an online Dosha test is taken.

The results of the test determine with which music and with which herbs your massage is supported.

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