Neck, shoulder, back massage



Specific massage by tightness,

possibly knots or potentially delayed onset muscle soreness.


Massage therapy techniques can help to relieve, reduce or even prevent muscle knots.

As a massage therapist I can help to determine what is causing the knot

and the best plan of care to improve this.


Your body is your home,

be aware of your body

and your load.

Massage gives

 good care to yourself.

The massage is given in a relaxed setting, what ensures an efficient massage.
Let your body relax and create the right space for your recovery.



* Spacious room with a preheated massage table.


* An extra wide table, which provides a feeling of freedom,

also for people with a larger size.

* Choice of various oils such as Arnica for the muscles,

various aromas for relaxation,

or thicker Almond oil for drier, fragile skin.


* Massage according to a pre-established

step-by-step plan

for a personal approach.

* You don't need to bring anything,

everything is taken care of.



30 minutes for 27,50

60 minutes for 47.50

90 minutes for 70.00


You can also combine the massages,

for example:

neck, shoulder, back massage & further support through foot reflexology

neck, shoulder, back massage & face massage with, if desired, use of acupressure